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The Ultimate Sex Stool Guide: The Top 6 Weightless Sex Chairs and How To Use Them

The Sex Stool Guide: Top Picks and How To Use Them

Sex stools are a tool that can add some weightlessness to your love life.  They were first used to help pregnant women enjoy on top positions, and are now becoming more mainstream.

In this guide i'm going to cover the top-rated sex stools, how to use them, and introduce you to some positions. 

Benefits of using a sex stool

  • Extra support during sex
  • Longer sex with less effort (especially in woman-on-top positions)
  • Reducing weight on the knees and hips in on-top positions
  • Extra positions

Here's my list for the top 5 sex stools:

Sex Stool


Price Rating


Toughage Vier


 Bondage Boutique Stool



Extreme sex stool


Toughage Handler



100 degre angle base sex stool


Incredible Sex Stool


Pink Sex Stool


The seat is what puts the sex in sex stool.  Made from TPE elastomer bands, it helps to add support while still providing the flexibility to get into a rhythm.  In on-top positions the seat provides a 'weightless' sensation.

Kinkly Sex Stool

Sex Stool Positions and Basics

A good place to start is with the 'Trot' position which is what the sex stool is most famous for.  From there you can try the 'Flexer' and the 'Hammer'.  Some stools, such as the roomfun and kinkly, are designed with a narrow based frame to make the flexer position easier.  The incredible sex stool on the other hand is more solid on the ground, making it easier to perform the 'Hammer'.

View our big guide to sex stool positions

Why Weightless Sex

The extra spring from the seat lets you ride your partner with a strong rhythm that takes very little energy. This weightless bounce is a unique experience and one of the main reasons sex stools have become popular.

Sex Stool Benefits

Some people wonder if they need a sex stool at all, and if they can just use a regular stool. Perhaps for some positions, however the beauty of it is its versatility, light weight, and the 'weightless sex' sensation.

For People With Injuries

A sex stool can have the biggest impact on your life if you have past injuries that make sex uncomfortable or painful.

For those Expecting

One of my close friends recently had a baby, during her pregnancy she mentioned to me how difficult it was to move and do certain positions with her husband.  I told her about sex stools and she and her husband loved it,  I can imagine it's a great place to perch up and let your lover do all the work.  Even though the baby is now delivered she mentioned to me that they still use the sex stool regularly for the extra positions.

Extra pleasure from compression

One phenomenon that happens when using a sex stool is extra compression.  As you sink down and the panels push inward which makes you tighter and increases sensation.

Leaving it Out Around the House

A sex stool can blend in with other furniture in your house.  They look modest and have no labeling that gives them away.  Unlike some kinky dungeon gear you can leave this laying out in the bedroom or basement and most visitors won't think twice about it.

You can leave your laundry basket on it while folding clothes, or use it as a stand with your laptop.  Just make sure you clean it well after sex.


Assembling the Kinkly sex stool

Unlike some other types of sex furniture, the sex stool is light weight and easy to take with you wherever you go.  I have yet to find a model that isn't easy to assemble and dissemble in a few minutes or less.  Once taken apart it can fit discreetly into a bag or under a seat in the car.

The metal frame is hollow and light weight, the entire sex stool is under 5 pounds and is 2 feet wide at its longest.

Sex Stool and Beyond

This section is for those curious about the materials used to make these guys as well as other sex stool related news.

Sex Stool History

The first sex stools came on the market in the late 1980s and were advertised as positional aides for people expecting. 

In the mid 2000s they went more mainstream when fetish fantasy released the incredible sex stool which was sold in sex shops around the world.

Seat Materials

The panels, sometimes called straps, are what separate a sex stool from your standard household stool.  The panels material and elasticity do vary from model to model so its important to pick a stool with panels that are right for you.

The elasticity or flexibility of your sex stool's panels range from flexible to stiff on a 1 to 10 scale. Panels with a flexibility of 1 are very bouncy, they let you ride your partner hard for a really long time.  The bounciness lets the stool do most of the work for you, conserving your energy for longer sex.  If you have any back or knee problems this can give you the extra support to go hard.

An elasticity of 10 will still have some flex but it will take alot more force to bounce it like a 1.  If you or your lover are big and beautiful you will want to go for one with panels in this range.

TPU Panels

TPU material is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone.  These are some of the stiffer panels available in the 7-10 range and would be best if you are heavier.  If you are too light your lover might need a few pillows beneath them to penetrate deeply.

One annoying think about TPU panels is they can stick to your skin, especially if its humid.  If you have ever had to peel your but off a vinyl car seat in the summer then you know the feeling.  If you sweat hard during your adventures they can get messy and slippery.  On the plus side they are super easy to clean though so just keep a small towel handy during a dripping hot session.

The cost of TPU is higher than other panel and strap materials.  Usually these sex stools are over $70.

Cotton and Polyester

The other type of sex stool panel is an elastic made of a cotton and polyester blend.  These vary in elasticity but will make the most bouncy sex stool possible, with a 1-3 rating.

These are the complete opposite of TPU in many ways.  They are best for lighter people who still want to bounce hard.

The material is more difficult to clean and depending on the manufacturer you'll get some washing instructions on how to clean these in the washing machine.

This is the more affordable strap type as well. Don't pay more than $70 for a stool made with polyester paneling.

Other Types of Sex Stool

Trampoline (Single Panel)

This twist replaces the two panels used in most sex stools and opts for one solid panel with a single hole in the middle. The material used for the panel is woven polypropylene, similar to what is used for making trampolines.

Needless to say it is very bouncy.  Compared to the spring in other stools this gives a way stronger bounce so much so that it can be really dangerous.  If the woman riding on top gets a strong rhythm going she can come down hard on the guy and really injure his manliness.  So be aware of that painful risk when using this model.

For the woman, sitting on a single panel sex stool can be more comfortable than two panels.  It doesn't dig into the skin at all like the TPU sex stools.  You also have more pressure on your hips and ass as you ride, this means more compression and potentially stronger orgasms.

Queening Sex Stool

Also known as a face-sitting stool this is designed mostly for performing oral sex on women.  It is has a place for the giver to lay their head back and be comfortable for long sessions of eating out.  The sex stool has a place for the receiver to sit.

A queening stool is much more comfortable for giving oral than using a basic sex stool.  They have more padding and have a leather exterior--all hand made.  It is really only usable for that one purpose though, if you have a dungeon or collection of sex furniture this would be a great add.

Making Your Own DIY Sex Stool

Using a bit of creativity and some crafting skills you can make your own DIY sex stool.  This can be a fun project and save you a bit of money.  If you get good at it and perfect the process you could even create your own sex stool company!

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