Quick Guide: Assemble the Fetish Sex Stool

The fetish sex stool from pipedream can be bought online and in most sex stores.  It is one of the best sex stools available at the moment and currently the only sex stool with TPU paneling material.

In case you didn’t read the home page TPU paneling is a strong and elastic plastic, it supports more weight than its competitors that use polyester paneling and straps.

It does require some assembly and thats what this guide will show you how to do.


If you are familiar with pipedream you will recognize the packaging theme.  The box features two models in their underwear showing some positions.  Keep the box handy because its a great position guide when you are in the heat of the moment.  One thing that really surprised me was how tall the box was.  Really tall and skinny, the pictures don’t really do it justice.


On the back of the box you will find instructions for assembling your new muse.  It comes with four metal pieces and two large straps of plastic.  Its not too difficult to setup and if you are up for a little puzzle challenge you can try to do it without using the box instructions.

Two of the metal pieces work as the base and the other two connect the bases. Heres the important part. You want to slip the loops of the plastic material onto the top two metal pieces before you connect them .

Thats all! The whole process should take you about three minutes.  At this point you are probably sweaty and fired up from the accomplishment of assembly. If your lover is nearby suprise them and try it out!

If you want to disassemble it in the future you can and its not impossible.  However i find it annoying to go through the entire process everytime, so I just keep it in the corner of my room and use it as an extra piece of furniture.