Making a Do It Yourself Sex Stool

For those who are handy and on a budget, a DIY sex stool can be a good alternative to buying a sex stool.  In this article I will be focusing on getting started with a PVC DIY sex stool, which is the type I have experience with, there are other DIY possibilities though so feel free to get creative.

Crafting a PVC Sex Stool

The most challenging part of making a PVC sex stool is sawing the pipes to the appropriate size.  You can use a band saw for this, but you need a vice grip or to have someone hold the pipe steady as you saw.

Keep in mind this is more fragile and wobbly compared to professionally manufactured sex stools. I would definitely not recommend a PVC stool to anyone over 250 lbs, because of the risk of the stool shattering.

Materials needed

For a PVC sex stool you will need the following:

  • Four furniture-grade PVC corners
  • Four Slip Tee PVC fittings
  • 20 feet of 1″ furniture-grade PVC pipe
  • Elastic Resistance Bands
  • Four PVC End caps(Optional
  • Saw & Vice Grip
  • Hammer

You can get these materials at home improvement stores like lowes or home depot.  Amazon also sells relatively cheap sets of the corners and tubing, for this tutorial I will be using the PVC from amazon.

Assembling The PVC

ISex stool DIY assemblyf you got your pvc piping from amazon it will come in 60 inch chunks.  A standard sex stool like the roomfun is 20inch x 20inch x 20inch.  We can replicate this size by cutting the 60 inch pipe into 3 equal 20 inch chunks using the saw.  After cutting up four of the 5 foot pvc pipes you will have 12  20 inch sections, we only need ten, so save the extra two as spare parts.

From here it is really simple!  Just fit the pieces together to replicate what a sex stool look likes, it will be a bit of a puzzle, so keep an image of a sex stool handy for comparison. Its like making a cube minus two connecting pipes on the top.

Making the Sex Stool’s Seat

To form the seat i used some strong exercise resistance bands that I had laying around the house.  It is important to get something that has a maximum weight of 50 pounds or more.  I use a few of them layered on top of each other to increase the strength even more.  Remember we use two to form a seat, so you can multiply the max weight threshold by two.

Some types of resistance bands can be looped around the edges of top of the frame, similar to a professionally made sex stool.  You can also get rolls of resistance material and then tie it off at both ends.  This is a great solution because you can vary the tension as much as you want by adjusting where you tie it.  In this sense it has an advantage over purchased stools.

Other Kinds of DIY Sex Stool

You can use variations on this method to get creative and make do it yourself sex stools out of other materials.  For example you could do any of the following:

  • A frame made out of wood
  • Cloth Fabric attached to high tension springs for the seat
  • Re-purpose furniture around the house to make the frame
  • Cut and use stainless steel piping instead of PVC

If you have any success with building a DIY sex stool feel free to connect with me in the contact section.  I would love to hear about your creations, have fun and good luck!