Extreme Sex Stool Review

The extreme sex stool is the only model that comes with a setup for solo-play.  If you don”t have steady access to a partner, or just don’t want to deal with all the trifles relationships can bring, this may be a perfect match for you.  I ordered one from amazon to put it to the test.
Extreme sex stool


  • Comes with a mount for suction-cup dildos
  • Included strap on holder for other dildo types
  • Seat elasticity and mount height are a good match
  • Adjustable seat gap


  • Difficult to assemble compared to the other brands
  • Not height adjustable
  • Wide base makes the flexing technique more difficult (only applicable for partners)

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When the package arrived in the mail the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was.  At a whopping 10 pounds this thing is twice the weight of the roomfun stool.  The extra weight is due to a thicker frame and the added dildo mounting plate.

Next came the setup which was a bit trickier than what i was used to with other stools.  Instead of quick latching systems this base is held together by screws and the straps are so tight that I couldn’t get the final screw in.  Eventually my boyfriend came home from work and with an extra pair of hands we were able to get the final screw in.  However on a second try i was able to manage by holding the second bar with my legs, it would be a bit silly if a solo-play toy needed two people to install.

Using the stool

Over the next few weeks I used it alot, whenever I didn’t get to see my boyfriend for a few days this was a good replacement.  You can obviously bounce up and down which never gets old.  I try to grab onto the frame and really hammer myself down onto the dildo.  It also lets you have a free hand so I’d highly recommend using a vibrator to reach even bigger orgasms.

I have a seven inch dildo and the height was good for me to get deep penetration without hitting the mounting platform.  If you weigh less than 200 pounds you might want to pick up a 9 inch dildo for the extra reach. By the way, this stool does not come with a dildo!  If you don’t have one be sure to get one online or from a sex shop in addition to buying this.


If the stool didn’t include the mounting plate it would be very similar to the incredible sex stool by fetish fantasy.  So considering this the extreme sex stool is a bit expensive for what you are getting in terms of design.  However it is definitely alot easier than trying to figure out a DIY mounting plate for the dildo.

If you don’t have any steady partner for the moment this sex stool can be a good investment for being single, but if you have a partner I would definitely recommend one of the other types of bouncy sex chair.