Kinkly Sex Stool Review

I picked up the kinkly sex stool this summer and am overall pretty impressed.  One thing that stands out is the seat material, which is much softer and doesn’t have edges that dig into the skin.  It isn’t height adjustable which could be a problem for some, however it happens to be the perfect height for me and my husband so we use it often.
Kinkly sex stool


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Only stool to use a rayon material blend in the seat, adding extra comfort
  • Curved base for performing rocking positions
  • Cheaper than the roomfun stool of similar quality
  • Holds up to 500 pounds


  • Not height adjustable like the roomFun stool
  • Seat gap distance is fixed
  • More expensive than the fetish fantasy stool

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Materials Used

This stool’s seat is a unique blend between 20% woven polypropylene, 30% rayon, and 50% polyester.  Polypropylene is a material used to make the canvas for most trampolines, on the sex stool it helps to give a seat strength and bounce.

On the outer layer of the seat there is a rayon and polyester mix for comfort.  Rayon is an organic material made from trees and very soft on the skin, somewhere between the comfort of cotton and silk.  As far as I know, this sex stool is the only one to feature rayon, as most use a polyester nylon blend instead.


Assembling the Kinkly sex stool

Assembling the Kinkly sex stool

Most sex stools are easily assembled within a few minutes.  The kinkly stool shortens the time even more by adding a quick-lock set up mechanism on the frame.  The instruction manual tells you to insert the ‘male’ end into the ‘female’ socket(off to a sexy start already), twist, and voila, the frame is setup.

No need to loop the seat straps through the pipes like with the fetish fantasy stool, it comes setup and ready to go right out of the box.  The downside is the straps connect to the pipes at fixed position and so the size between the gap is not easily adjustable.  In some ways it is a benefit because the seat won’t shift on the frame during passionate usage, something that can be a problem with the incredible sex stool.

It also isn’t height adjustable like the slightly more expensive roomfun model.  This can be fixed by putting some pillows under your guys butt, however it can make it a bit less comfortable.


Out of all the sex stools I have tried this one definitely stands out.  The fact the seat contains rayon makes it much more comfortable and high quality than any of the other choices.  Combined with the lower than average price i decided to give it a 5/5 rating, with the only slight draw-back being the lack of built-in height manipulation.

Kinkly Sex Stool

The fully assembled Kinkly sex stool