Roomfun Sex Stool

100 degre angle base sex stool


  • Height Adjustable
  • Strong and elastic panel material
  • Seat’s gap size is adjustable
  • Narrow base lets you do more positions


  • More expensive

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This Roomfun model has just come out in February 2017 and is pretty cutting-edge as far as sex stools go.

One big plus is its height adjustable.  The height of other stools like the kinkly doesn’t always match everyone’s knee height or their partners reach from below.  Height can be remedied with stacking some pillows under my partners butt, however it also arches your back and be uncomfortable.

By using the dial on the frame the height is adjustable from one-and-a-half feet to above knee height. The adjusting needs to be done on each of the 4 legs, so don’t expect to change it in the middle of some intense moment without killing the mood a bit.

An important characteristic of a good sex stool is its ability to rock in a back-to-front motion, a technique called flexing.  The Roomfun stool has an angled base that makes it easy to do this flexer technique.  Compared to a stool with a 90 degree angled base it is a huge improvement in design.

The panel material used for the seat in this stool is a mix between thick-woven polyester and polypropylene which is the same material used for trampolines.   It is pretty standard in the newer sex stools and the toughage sex stool uses the same material.  Its a comfortable material and the best one i’ve found on the market today(still waiting for a silk-polypropylene sex stool to come out).  For cleaning i unscrew the base and throw them in the wash set to delicate mode.