Toughage Sex Stool with Handle bars


  • Detachable handle bars
  • Pillow
  • Strong Elastic Straps


  • Not height adjustable

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The Toughage stool sets itself apart from the others with a unique style of handle bars.  These give you a place to hold on for dear life as you rock your partner.  It can be useful to get the hammer position working well.  The handle bars are held on with a pair of screws and it can easily be removed if you don’t like it.

Unlike the roomfun stool it is not height adjustable which means you may have to resort to stacking pillows to get the ideal height.  It actually comes with a nifty  inflatable pillow that can prop yourself well with in striking distance.  By deflating the pillow different amounts you can vary the height.

It uses a similar panel material as the RoomFun stool uses so you will get the same amount off bounce in this stool.

It is a good solid sex stool and it has a middle of the road price for those who want quality without all the fancy features of the roomfun model.

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